About Us


“Arctic Healing  Cryo” is owned by Larissa Steinruck, who is originally from Russia. From the early age she was conditioned by her parents and grandparents to be more inclined towards non-traditional medicine to heal the body. After graduating from a University in Russia she immigrated to USA.  Larissa got involved in health and fitness industry and has been a fitness trainer for the past 10 years. A couple of years ago Larissa has developed chronic lower back pain and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the inflammation that caused that pain. The medication temporarily helped, however, since she trains and works out regularly and lives an active lifestyle, the pain came back. At this point, she started searching for alternative methods for pain and inflammation relief and this is when she came across Cryotherapy. After a month of Cryotherapy, 90% of the back pain was gone making her a big advocate of the Cryotherapy treatment. Not relying on medications permanently and being able to eliminate pain by using non-invasive technique is the way to live.

Since, Cryotherapy and compression therapy are natural ways of treating various ailments and promote health and fitness in a holistic way, it is perfect fit for her philosophy.

Mission Statement

The mission of “Arctic Healing Cryo” is to help our clients improve their health and fitness with holistic approach in a medication-free, non-invasive and safe way.

Company Vision

Arctic Healing envisions itself to be a premier provider of Cryotherapy and Compression therapy services with multiple locations and franchising opportunities in the future.