Cryotherapy uses the latest technology to deliver cold therapy that has been used for centuries to relieve chronic pain, speed up recovery from injuries and to deliver a feeling of rejuvenation.


However, we are just beginning to learn additional benefits from Cryotherapy that are not that obvious. Following are the four sure shot benefits that one can experience from regular use of Cryotherapy:

1. Stress reduction: According to a study done by National Institute of Health, the use of Cryotherpay helps in reducing the key stress hormone called cortisol. Lower cortisol levels help in stress reduction.

2. Better sleep: As stress level drops due to lower cortisol levels in the blood stream, one sleeps better and feels rejuvenated and fully charged up in the morning.

3. Mood elevation: The rush of endorphin in the blood following Whole Body Cryotherapy cold sauna sessions leads to immediate mood enhancement. Mental health benefits of cryotherapy sessions lead to long term stabilization of mood, making this a valuable treatment for short and long term results.

4. Elevated serotonin levels: Cryotherapy session also helps in increasing serotonin levels which is a key component in fighting depression.


So, besides all the physical benefits, these mental health benefits make a compelling case for individuals to incorporate Cryotherapy in their daily schedule. The session itself is only 3 minutes long and the benefits are enormous.

If you have never tried it before, call us at 713-568-4801 or visit our web site for more info. The first time session is only $25. There are multiple packages available to fit your needs.